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  • I heard a scream and I think it was me

    I heard a scream and I think it was me

      an evening of Sorrow  &… Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed All The Madmen The Man Who Sold The World Queen Bitch Five Years Soul Love Rock “N” Roll Suicide Panic In Detroit Rosalyn Future Legend Breaking Glass Be My Wife Sons Of The Silent Age Sense Of Doubt DJ It’s No Game Up The Hill Backwards Cat […]

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  • The Fall – Metro Theatre Sydney Oct 21st

    Through a mass of sweat and chandeliers we watched the old timers check in on ancient phones and realise it’s late for a school night. Sticking to floors where the dead can’t dance. Carlsberg with water chasers, fingers dip in potato spills too late, just sing. The support bands impress us punk princesses, you look […]

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  • Rough n Ready

    Random Audio Transmissions #7 The Horrors – Whole New Way The xx – Basic Space Pablo – Record Shop The Heart Strings – Jose Fernandez Department Of Eagles – Classical Record Arthur & Yu – The Ghost Of Old Bull Lee Andrew Liles – Orvilles Engastrythmic Divinations Envelopes – Free Jazz Princess Superstar – My […]

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  • New Order – Music Complete – Review by Lorne Johnson

    New Order – Music Complete – Review by Lorne Johnson

    A new, possibly incomplete, yet ordered take on New Order’s Music Complete 1. This is the most bouncy, melodious and infectious New Order album since the immortal Technique from 1989. 2. Peter Saville’s cover is a nod to Mondrian’s iconic art. Saville puts a spin on things by using bold diagonal lines and green. For […]

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